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Trekking to Kuznetsk Alatau mountains

Dates: 20 June - 1 July 2017
(per person)
360 €
Includes:meals on route
transfer from Abakan to Luzhba
tents, cans
Excludes:international flights
renting personal equipment
visa fees
meals in Abakan
hotels in Abakan
Length: 200km by train, 70km on foot
Start from Abakan
level: moderate (trekking experience required). You have to carry personal equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mat) and 4kg of shared food

Kuznetsk Alatau features picturesque mountain area, various fauna, clear water and bright flowers. Best time to visit is June. You can see how summer is changing to spring season during going up.
We will see lots of flowers - violets, aquilegia, euphorbia, globe-flowers and much more. Golden Valley, beautiful area with lakes and snowfields is just below Karatash plateau. There is an opportunity to see reindeer into the wild and if you will lucky you can see a bear.

Height of Karatash pass is 1560 meters above sea level.
Highest point of Kuznetsk Alatau ridge is Verhy Zub (2180m).

Meeting point is Abakan, capital of Khakassia republic.
In the evening we are transported to Luzhba station by train. We cross Tom river before proceeding further into wilderness.

Average day temperature is +15..+25 Celsius. Night temperature is about 0..+10 Celsius.
Fog and low clouds are usual. It can be rainy, so take waterproof clothes and equipment.

Tour leader is Danil Barashkov.

Trekking 2015 pictures

Trekking 2014 pictures

Group meeting on 19th June in Abakan. Preparation for trekking, leaving Abakan by train in the evening.

List of equipment
- backpack, warm sleeping bag, sleeping pad
- trekking shoes, light shoes for river wading and day's rest

day description km
1 20th June. Cross river Tom by boat, 8km by 4wd. Start of hiking. 12km on foot. Going up to Shorsky pass and descent to valley of Maliy Kazyr river.
2 21th June. Hiking along Maliy Kazyr river.
3 22th June. Today we got to Karatash pass, where our camp will be setup.
4 23th June. Hikes on plateau, ascend to closest mountain. Camp on plateau.
5 24th June. Descend to Golden valley. Nice views with snowfields, brooklets and lakes.
6 25th June. Hiking in Golden Valley.
7 26th June. Ascent to «Kozii Vorota» pass.
8 27th June. Hiking to Hunuhuzuh lake.
9 28th June. Ascent to Karatash pass, descent to Maliy Kazyr river.
10 29th Descent to Maly Kazyr valley.
11 30th June. Descent to Tom river. Accommodation in lodge.
12 1st July. Transfer to Abakan by train.


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